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Ready steady white and red


To round off our portfolio we have recently launched a fun wine called Ready Steady RED and Ready Steady WHITE.

The name, concept and packaging is witty and catchy. The wine in the bottle backs this up with great quality. Ready Steady wines are medium bodied, well-balanced and accessible.

The funky brand name is unpretentious and the non-traditional packaging is designed to stand out and be noticed.

The back-label reads; As easy as A-B-C or 1-2-3, simply pull the cork and enjoy, this wine is ready to ‘go’ home with you.

Ready Steady RED – Cape Red

Colour: Deep cherry red
Nose: Fresh apricot and plum.
Palate: A well rounded wine with soft tannins. Ripe red & black
fruits with a hint of spice. Medium bodied. Well Balanced.
A food friendly wine.

An excellent accompaniment to pasta, grilled vegetables & meat dishes (Braai’s)

Ready Steady WHITE – Cape White

Colour: Pale straw to golden
Nose: Gooseberry with hints of floral aromas
Palate: Crisp tropical flavours with good balance and a long finish.

Pairs well with chicken, pasta and seafood dishes

tara hill
ready steady red and white
ready steady red and white
tara hill imagine marimba ready steady white and red